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rafting the franklin

Allow us to transport you to a realm where time slows down, allowing you to escape the perpetual hustle and bustle of modern life. In a world consumed by incessant phone calls, text messages, emails, social media notifications, and an unending array of commitments, we present you with an opportunity to break free from this whirlwind for a mere 10 days. Prepare yourself for an extraordinary journey along the legendary Franklin River.

Prepare to be profoundly moved by this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Surrender yourself to the captivating allure of the pristine waters and breathtaking landscapes that define the mighty Franklin. Let the enchantment of this untouched natural wonder seep into your soul, leaving an indelible mark on your spirit.

This expedition promises more than just adventure—it offers a gateway to self-discovery, rejuvenation, and a reconnection with the essence of life itself. Be prepared to witness the transformative power of nature as it unravels before your eyes, instilling a sense of awe and reverence deep within your being.

So, if you're ready to embark on this extraordinary odyssey, leave behind the relentless pace of modern existence and join us for 10 captivating days along the iconic Franklin River.

trip overview

The Franklin River (and weather) can vary greatly from day to day – there may be times on the river when water levels come up and we may have to stay in camp for a day or 2 until it drops. Other times, the water level may get quite low and this means that we have to walk around or over certain parts of the river – this can make for some physical days on our journey. But the reality is we just never quite know how the river is feeling until we are there and on it. That being the case…adaptability is the key!

We will always have a minimum of 2 rafts with a guide in each with gear and up to 5 guests. There will be times when we have to walk around certain rapids (portaging) and this means we will all be lugging gear over rocks etc and this can sometimes be hard work for a few hours at a time. The Franklin is a true expedition adventure and it’s one of those journeys where being part of a close knit group and a bit of hard yakka is all part of the magic.

You don’t need paddling experience as such, but you will need some general fitness and the ability to work within a team will also be an asset. If you’re thinking ‘I’m not sure if I’m up to a Franklin Expedition?’ then please remember we have had clients ranging between 16 to 78 years old and they all found their own way to meet the challenges the Franklin poses. It’s important to remember, out on the river we are team and we always work together.


SCHOOLIES Franklin River Rafting Adventure 

We offer a custom designed 8-10 day rafting adventure on the Franklin River for older students (Year 11 and 12). Whether it’s one of their more challenging outdoor education trips or an alternative to following the masses to a traditional ‘schoolies’ week, the Franklin River Adventure is something very special for your students.

Students don't need paddling experience as such, but they will need some general fitness, have had some exposure to camping in the outdoors and the ability to work within a team.

Our Franklin River Trip is a true river expedition, providing a once in a lifetime experience for your students. Every trip is unique & the magic unfolds in different ways, but we can promise you an adventure that involves physical challenge, teamwork, new emotions & a special connection with the natural environment.

For many students, this trip will indelibly touch their heart & maybe even change them in some small way…

Contact us to discuss how we can can make this magic adventure become a reality for your students. 

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