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We believe Outdoor Education is about facilitating special connections between people and the natural environment. In a time when technology has become the paradigm upon which modern life revolves, often the natural wonders that reside just outside our back doors are forgotten & neglected. It is sad to think that as time passes & we become more technologically & socially advanced we may be losing touch with nature & the important connection it has with each & every human being.

Why does it matter you might ask?


Some of our best learning experiences can happen outside of a ‘traditional’ classroom. Imagine a classroom where you can have fun, immerse yourself in natural wonder and participate in an activity that some people will never experience in a lifetime. Our classroom is the Tasmanian wilderness that inspires awe and it is something very special for each & every person…

Undertaking activities in the natural environment may result in sweat, bumps, bruises, challenge, uncertainty, discomfort, fear and sometimes even tears…a reflection of life! But this is happening within Tasmania’s pristine natural environments surrounded by friends, supportive staff and whilst you’re undertaking some amazing fun-filled outdoor activities.

Here at Wild Education Tasmania we believe this makes for an unrivalled learning experience…we are preparing students for the real world & providing them with tools to work through challenges & hardship and to come out the other end as a better version of themselves!

Our programs are designed to foster the following outcomes:

  • New knowledge & skills

  • Personal growth

  • Resilience

  • Greater personal awareness

  • Working as part of a team

  • An understanding & appreciation of the natural environment

  • Realisation of their potential

We want to open the eyes of our younger generations – we want to show them the wonders & adventures that await if they open their doors, their hearts & their minds to the wonders of our natural environment.

Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement

Wild Education Tasmania is committed to facilitating positive change in people’s lives through outdoor education & unique, nature-based pursuits. We feel strongly about how we as human beings interact with mother earth.

We endeavour to assist our clients in realigning their perceptions of nature and help them to become all they can be through the natural environment.

Our staff are passionate about educating others on the beauty and fragility of this wonderful planet and how important her wilderness areas are to our physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.

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